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Delete a User

Delete a User

please have an option to delete account users - thank you so much.

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I vote to be able to completely DELETE account users (and not just deactivate them).

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It would be extremely helpful to be able to permanently delete users!!! All these old users simply clutter up my system and make it difficult to wade through and pick out the active users.

We need the option to DELETE users who have left our company.  Please make this possible.

Status changed to: Voting Open
is there a way to delete users who no longer will have access

People have been complaining about not having the ability to delete users since 2013. Is CC ever going to address this problem? Honestly, this seems like it would be a really easy and sensible fix. Is there a reason it has not been changed?


I look forward to your response.

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How to delete a user who is no longer employed?

Please offer a way to hide old users from this page.  We've been with CC from about 2015 and have gone through many users and many ways of sorting.  Because of that, it gets really confusing when managing users.  Also, "Deactivate" and "Reactivate" look really simmilar and there's no way to sort the list to put all the Deactivate's first.




Why isn't this a feature yet?

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Dear CC,


We are in process of implementing your API on two of our forms, for start. As for development purposess I tried putting test users and now I can't delete them. why is that?!


The developers are bagging you since 2013 why is this not implemented?


This is an absolute must. Please implement it fast.