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Delete a User

Delete a User

please have an option to delete account users - thank you so much.

I would really love to delete previous users of the account. One name on this list hasn't worked here in over 6 years. It is jarring to see these names still represented here.
Would love to be able to delete inactive users!

Really want to be able to delete users. Deactivation is really helpful since the accounts I need to have access rotate, but I would also like to clear out the clutter of accounts that are no longer active.

Occasional Contributor
PLEASE let me DELETE the users no longer required!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Why oh why can't we delete old users?  Because you want to get more $ as we'd have to upgrade?  This isn't a good feature for your customers.

Occasional Contributor
can you PLEASE allow us to DELETE inactive users? I have 10 users on our list who have not been with the company for FIVE YEARS!!!
Established Member

It is now 2019, how is this not a feature yet.  I have a lot of deactivated users and it gets confusing to manage.  Please allow us to permanently delete a user.

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Please allow us to delete users. After a certain point, I need to be able to delete old users so they don't clutter up our list

We have users that are no longer with the company, and therefore CANNOT add users who are.  What's up with that?