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Delete a User

Delete a User

please have an option to delete account users - thank you so much.

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Occasional Participant
Need the ability to delete an account in addition to the deactivate/reactivate feature.
Status changed to: New
Thanks for sharing this idea! This is something we are working on for the future but please continue to leave your thoughts and ideas here.
Occasional Contributor
Great new feature; but also need to be able to delete account as well as deactivate.

Thanks for the feedback on this!


I need to delete an user

Status changed to: New
CTCT Employee
Status changed to: New
There isn't a way to delete a user completely from your user accounts. You can deactivate accounts that you no longer want to have access to the account. If you would like to have the ability to delete them completely, please vote for this idea.
New Member

When I added new users last night, the first one went just fine. But for each of the following ones I added, I received two messages at the same time: "You've added user X successfully", and an error "User X already exists. Choose a different user name". The first time it did that, I chose a new user name and submitted again. Then I got suspicious when it happened for the next user and checked the user list to find out that it was duplicating my entries!


I see that other users are requesting to be able to delete a user, and so I will definitely vote for that . It would also be great to fix the duplicating bug.


Thank you for adding the new multiple users feature. It is very useful and I look forward to see improvements such as the ability to restrict permissions for each user, and the ability to track which user does what in the account.


Thank you!

All Star
With only being able to deactivate users, it gets crowded with too many inactive users, such as former employees. I would like to be able to remove a user when they are no longer employed with us. Thanks.
Status changed to: New