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Easier Access to Itemized Receipts

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Easier Access to Itemized Receipts

Dear Constant Contact:


Our Procurement Office requires an itemized receipt for our monthly transactions with you.  Usually, I can obtain the itemized receipts from your website, however, that method is not working properly.


Therefore, would you please email me the billing invoice (itemized) in the amount of for 11/26/2018?


Thank you for your assistance,

Bonnie Gordon


Bonnie L. Gordon

Administrative Assistant II

Ackerman Center for Holocaust Studies




Hi @NilsR08  I apologize you are unable to access this invoice! What exactly are you experiencing when you are trying to view it (error messages, unresponsive page, etc.)? For your account security, we are unable to go into your billing details here in the Community. However one of our Billing Support agents can further assist with any questions you may have on the charges of your account. I also would suggest trying to access this invoice in a different browser or a private/incognito window.

CTCT Employee
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