Email Automation for non-clicks/opens

We are looking for a feature that allows an email automation based on inactivity. Right now there is an option that triggers an email series based on three specific triggers. We want to see a trigger that creates a series of emails based on someone NOT clicking/opening an email.


When automating a series of emails, it would be great if I could add triggers for each email in a series. Example: I want to send a secondary email to people who opened the first, but if they don't open the second email, I don't want them to get the whole series.

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Hi @JillH812,

Thank you for your feedback! As you mentioned, we currently we only have the functionality to start a series based on an action, but I think it is a great idea to have a series stop based on a non-action. I am going to open this idea up to voting from other Constant Contact Community members! 

Status changed to: Voting Open
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Yes! This would be great! Also, adding the functionality to automatically add a contact to another list once the series is completed would be great. For example, I am sending a series of lead nurture emails to new contacts, but I don't want them to receive our "General Interest" emails during this period. Adding the ability to funnel contacts in this way would be great. 


Also, date-based & custom-field automation triggers would be a huge improvement. Being able to add a contact to a specific automation series based on when they are planning to move/ have an expiring lease would be very beneficial. On this same thought, being able to have a customer receive an automated email based on custom fields would be awesome. Ex. having tailored emails for specific locations that would be designated via a custom field. 

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