General account updating usability is lacking.

It is very hard to do anything within the website in maintaining my account information. It is 2-3 steps, if not more, to change a single piece of information. There is no general area that I can simply update all information at once and submit.
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I just took over our school's Constant Contact account, and received no training from the outgoing "owner" -- so I'm trying to find all the hidden places where her name, address, email and other info is buried! (I'm also making a quick start manual for the NEXT person so they can save a few hours in the learning curve.) I wish there were one place where you can override ALL the previously set email address permissions, statuses, signature, footer, etc. -- I did find the Verify Address screen that showed which were (B) and (C) addresses, but even from there you had to change them elsewhere. Thanks for listening!
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I need to update my payment method, instead I am taken to a page dedicated to products. Please just let people update their payment method without making them go through the annoyance of additional unwanted services.
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