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Couple of things, First, perhaps having the toll fee (855) phone number along with a direct number--most people have cell phones these day so a toll free number isn't as important as reaching a LIVE person. Second, the holding process on the phone has pretty relaxing music that is interrupted every 20 second by the message telling me "hi again...sorry about the long wait...the lines are still tied up...but don't hang up" Better to let people stay on hold for 2-3 minutes between that message--as it interrupts the pleasant music with an obnoxious intrusion of reminding me I'm on hold rather than being free to work on something else (while holding with muzak in the background) the message keeps interrupting like nails on a chalkboard or a sliver in your finger--a negative reminder that I'm on hold and not being helped.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback on this!

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I am on hold. Your message says you will be busy for at least 30 minutes. Is there a reason we have to have so many messages pop up on the call? I bet most of us are working and it is a big distraction. I know some companies say if you don't want music while on hold press 1 and it's awesome. The music repetitively on hold with you is bad enough but the messages would be great to opt out of every 30 seconds. Thanks.
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I just spent a half hour waiting for help. I don't mind waiting, but what I found extremely annoying was the repetition of the same canned message over and over. Perhaps a longer time should could be put in place for repeating the message - perhaps every 30 seconds instead of what seemed like 5 or 10 seconds. Once my call was picked up, Hope was very helpful, however, the wait with the repetitious canned message was extremely annoying.
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two things:

1) the email I received from you with the survey, said "Dear ," without a name. Is that the best Constant Contact can do? 


2) the recording on the phone while I waited for 20 minutes (for a rep) was the most annoying 'wait time' I've had. I didn't mind the wait, but hearing the same recording over and over without a break made it hard to wait. All you need to do is say it once. We're not stupid. 

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Hi @JessieD604 -

Thank you for your feedback! I do apologize about this experience. Do you know which email had this blank greeting tag, or the information in it? 


I might suggest - that you NOT say "please don't time us"  when telling me how long I am going to be on hold...   the word "approximately" is quite sufficient

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