Improve the Change "From" Address Process

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Improve the Change "From" Address Process

The current method of changing your account's default "from" address is very confusing and misleading. First, you click "My Account" and then "User Email." Finally, you get to this screen:



The problem here is that I am the user. I have my own email address. It is the one I log in with. It is the one I want you to send invoices and reports to. My coworker is a user. She has an email address. It is the one she logs in with and has reports sent to. That, to me, and I imagine many others, is what you would call a "User Address."


So, when I see "Change User Email Address," I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. Am I telling you that I, personally, have a new email address? Because that's what it seems like.


Nowhere on that page does it inform me that the action I am about to take will change the default "from" address on my account. And nothing in the navigation that led me to this page was intuitive at all. I pretty much just clicked around on everything that said email address--and still contacted support because I was unsure of what I was doing when I reached this page.


SOLUTION: I believe this function belongs in the My Settings section (which should be called Account Settings because they are account/organization-related, not user-specific) under Email Message Settings alongside the From Name.

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Hi @MeganS191 


Thanks for the great feedback. I'm going to open this idea up for additional voting. I'm happy to say that we are currently working on an update to our My Account page that should improve this process. However, we are not expecting this update to be released until late 2019 or early 2020. As we get closer to the release, we will have more news and updates on these changes.


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Rob L.