In-Between User Roles

Has a user role that falls between Account Manager and Campaign Creator ever been considered? I have an employee I'd like to be able to not only create surveys, but view/download responses as well.
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HI @AmyM289

Thanks for posting, this is great feedback! We know there's a need for more custom roles to be offered so maybe this is something we can give you control over in the future. Do you think you would want only one of these users or multiple?


Thanks again!

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Hi Hannah-

I also have a need for in-between/custom permissions for users. Something along the lines of campaign creator that also can send and possibly have limited contact/email list access, but no account management access.




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I would love to have a user role option that was able to manage contacts without being able to manage campaigns.

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I have immediate need for different user roles.  The best option would be to allow us to name our user role and select what they can and cannot do.

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I agree, being able to name the role and select the features that they can and cannot do would be perfect.  It is much needed for our organization as we have some people that ideally need to be able to access contacts or surveys, but I don't want to hand them the full keys to the system.

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This seems to be a recurring problem with Constant Contact for many years. We need to be able to edit the features that our account users can access.


For my association specifically, it would be for each user to only be able to access one list, or at the very least, to not be able to send a campaign to more than X number of people. (we want our chapters to send their emails through our account, but to only have access to their local list, not the entire list).


This community post from 2014 features a CC administrator saying that this feature was coming. This has not happened.


Is there a reason that Constant Contact hasn't responded to so many client requests for this?

Please consider to add more capability to a Campaign Manager. I'd like them to be able to create AND send/schedule their campaigns but DO NOT want them to have delete capability. Giving them Account Manager status allows them to send/schedule campaigns but provides delete capability which everyone should not have. Please advise.
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