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Your account/invoice settings leave much to be desired, and that's putting it politely. I have subscriptions with Basecamp and Survey Gizmo, so I am not inexperienced when it comes to managing accounts like this. I needed an invoice for my expense report and it was impossible to figure out how to generate without calling your customer service - I then had to wait on hold for about 10 minutes. When I finally did get a customer service rep she had to walk me through a process that was so ridiculous I would never have figured it out on my own - and it was similar to re-signing up - I would have never gone through that process because I would've been worried I was signing up for a second account. Changes need to be made to make this interface much more user friendly.
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HI @AmyW5570

Thanks for posting your feedback! I'm sorry to hear the experience was frustrating but appreciate the detail. Was it where the invoice link was located or something else? 

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