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It would be great if there was a printable invoice to submit to our accounting department. The only invoicing I can seem to get through the website doesn't look like what we need.  I would like the exact same service we had as last year. Can you please emial me an invoice so I can submit for payment?


Rachel Shledon

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It would be nice to be able to print out an individual monthly invoice instead of having to print out them all.
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HI @aolidiuna

You can print out one invoice at a time now if you choose a specific set of dates. You would need to include one month at a time to get only one invoice but then you can choose to print with detail to get all the information for that one invoice. 

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You ask for a month, you get a year. Takes too long to respond.
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Hello @BobbyJ8,


Thank you for bringing this up. In order to make sure I gather the feedback accurately, are you able to elaborate on the steps you're taking and what's happening? Are you saying you request to see a month of activity but it pulls up a whole year's worth?

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I hate the billing set up. Always have done and spend 30 minutes trying to get an invoice printed off for each transaction for our accounts. Nothing really works, the date selection doesn't work in Chrome browser, cant seem to print any invoice over 2 months old. nothing sits well on a sheet of A4 paper. Can you engineers look at this one day pretty please.
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