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Your invoices and statements are VERY lacking in information. WHY can't they be displayed in a standard invoice or statement format? You need to provide more information that I'm required to show my clients for billing. Like who it is from (you), who is being billed (me) and for what services that are being provided.
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Hey Michael,

Thanks for posting. Can you tell me more about what you are looking for as far as the services provided? Would you like to see the number of contacts you are billed for having in the account or just the breakdown of the package you are paying for?


We are working on new invoices (as part of a larger update to the billing process on the backend) so you will see some updates in the near future!

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invoice contain very little detail, why are thye no longer emailed?
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Thanks for posting @Westbrook. What information are you looking to see included on the invoice?

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Since we haven't heard back on the specifics you are looking for I'm going to close this idea. 

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