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Constant Contact basically just spammed my customers by sending out a welcome email on my behalf, then accused me of spamming customers and put a hold on my account. I'm out!
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Today I was made aware of the fact that Constant Contact created a welcome email FOR ME, without my knowledge on 9/21/16 and SENT IT OUT, without asking me if I wanted this to happen... then put a hold on my account because so many folks opted out when they basically sent them JUNK MAIL. The tech support person told me CC suspected our list was infected with a bot, because so many people opted out. Well wouldn't you opt out if you got an weird welcome email that didn't even have the company's logo on it?? Constant Contact basically spammed my customers on my behalf and then accused me of spamming customers!?! I monitor my signups each weekand they are always customers. I'm just really sort of flabbergasted about all of this. Also they've stealthily raised my monthly fee from $20 to $42 in less than 1 year. 


Hi @heatherm16

I'm really sorry to hear that this was your experience. You're right, we did turn the welcome email on when you were migrated to the new version. This is great feedback if we ever need to do something like this again so I'll make sure it's heard.


As for the sign ups, I'm happy to have someone in the Compliance department reach out if you would like more information!


Thanks for posting. 

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CCSucks.jpg I can certainly believe that!.

They want to do that because they know most marketers will remove their footer with all of the Constant Contact branding before we send to our memberships.  Now that I am beginning to learn how Constant Contact work after being a customer for 7+ years,  I am convinced they are using our own lists for their personal gain and promotions.  

EVERYONE keep an eye on your contact lists - protect their information - Constant Contact cannot be trusted


I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience,@NikkiP57. I can assure you that Constant Contact does not share or mail to any of our customers' contacts or contact lists. Our privacy policy which we adhere to strictly can be found here. If you still have any questions or concerns please let me know and I'd be happy to have someone reach out with you to discuss. Thank you!


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