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At our church, we Constant Contact on a weekly basis with several different users editing various emails. An issue we've run into before is having different users editing the same email (without knowing it). This has led to some changes not getting made or saved. Could there be a way to have a notification to users if they try to access an email that is already opened by another user? Something similar to the notifications you get when you try to open a Word document on a computer, while it is being edited/opened on another computer. In the meantime, I'll try to make sure our office staff communicates about what they are editing, but I would love to see a feature like that at some point!

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Hello, Several of us use the same account to work on various things in CC - campaigns, autoresponders, and events. We are often working at odd hours and from different locations. It would be nice if there were a way in CC to lock files or somehow indicate to another person using the system that you are already in a campaign, event, etc. Thank you! Heather
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SInce there are only two comments on this idea I'm going to close this thread due to low votes. 

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