I am dismayed that you changed the plan we had to limit the number of users to 1 without notifying us of the change. I discovered this when I tried to change one of our users. In a chat session your representative appeared to try to remedy the situation, but could only suggest we upgrade our plan which would more than double our cost. As a small non-profit this is not a good option for us.
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This is the first complaint I have ever had with CC and it is a BIG one. I went in to manage users and deactivated everyone who no longer edits our eblasts and when I tried to add two new ones who do I kept getting the "user limit" message. Limited to 3 users? Really? This is HORRIBLE for an association that relies on volunteers to contribute to the production of our weekly e-blast emails. How are we supposed to know who has been in the account if we have to keep sharing user names and passwords? Very bad software change.
your process for changing, updated and deleting authorized account users is simply awful. i think you need to re-evaluate this and make it easier, provide more clear direction.

I agree that limiting the account to one user (for the email plan) is disheartening, especially without being notified.  It makes the product not user friendly.  Upgrading to the next level is not cost effective.  I do hope that Constant Contact would re-evaluate this decision.  

I needed to update the names of my account managers and did not realize that once I deactivate a manger I could not add a new one without upgrading and paying more for my account. This was very unfortunate because I did not want to loose the number of account managers I had. There were no instructions on the manage accounts page, so I did not know exactly what to do. PLEASE put some kind of disclaimer or warning on the manage accounts page that alerts people about the proper procedure.
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