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I must have access to my billing records and your site fails to provide a copy of the past years billing, and no explanation of the current bill. I expect to know what is billed all year and for the future if I decide to keep this service. thanks

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This website needs a printable official receipt and not just a printable itemized transaction list. Our organization's bill is paid by a charitable organization, and being able to give them something official for their records would make you (and us) look more professional. Also, why do I have to post this to a supposed community instead of sending it directly to the company?
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HI @TravisM1259

Thanks for this feedback! We do have you post in the Community in a Feedback area so others can vote and comment on ideas they would like to see implemented. This also allows our product teams the opportunity to comment on ideas they are able to work on to get more information and let you know when things are coming! We've got a team of moderators here who read and track all the posts here. 

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Itemized receipts should be automatically provided, not a special request.
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Am I the only one with this problem?  When I print a CC receipt directly from my email (for reimbursement purposes), the right hand side showing the amount is cut off, rendering it useless.   When I create a PDF, it does the same thing.   The only way is to go into CC, find the receipt, open in Viewer, then print.   It would be so much simpler if receipt email were simply formatted to be less wide.


Let me know if I am doing something wrong.   Thanks.

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Hello @LJC5,


You are not doing anything wrong, I've passed your feedback along for voting. Thank you for bringing this up.

Hi - The invoicing solutions are subpar and each month I have issues with the accounting department reconciling the documentation given. I can't find anything beyond one line item that says "credit" to document what I prepaid for. I tried clicking on the generate prepaid invoice link but it did not work and looped me over to show plans It would be great if you improved your billing documentation so every payment has an invoice number and details on what was purchased.
Please look at how literally any other professional SaaS company handles invoices and sort out your billing activity page so I can download invoices in an effective way.
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The lack of detail on payment receipts has been a problem for years. Our Controller's Office wants to know exactly what was paid for, and my receipt only shows how it was paid, the date, and the amount paid. NO detail on just WHAT was purchased (Constant Contact provides a number of services, so it could be anything), and a zero balance due is the other item our Controller requests. 
I thought at one point we had the ability to add additional detail as a memo on the receipt, but can't seem to find that. 


I would like to see an invoice number in the payment receipts we receive via email.

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I would also like to see an invoice as well. Not just a payment transaction. We've been with you all for a few years and it saddens me that a company such as yours cannot produce a simple invoice. 

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Why can't you people just have a normal monthly invoice like everyone else?? A simple 8.5"x11" downloadable PDF, ranging the from first day of the month to the last day. How hard can that possibly be??
This SUCKS! I can't generate a statement that says I just prepaid for a year and did not want to include the two months we have left on our account. This should not be rocket science. I have written this down on my calendar for next year when our money runs out. I won't deal with not being able to generate a statement again.

Hi @TheresaS712  thank you for reaching out with this feedback. The good news is you can locate copies of your invoice through the “View Billing Activity/Statements” button under the My Account section of your account. This is where you can select the time period you are interested in and view its invoice with details.


pre-payment-invoice-my-account (1).png


print-email-invoice-view-billing (1).png


If you have any further questions on your billing details, for your account security we suggest contacting our Billing Support directly.

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Could you please provide an amount with the invoice you are emailing us monthly?


It is a pain to have to log in, search for the invoice and then the invoice doesn't even have your company name on it.


For my bookeping it would very helpful if you could just send out an invoice vial email WITH and amount being billed on the invoice.





Please include the invoice number on the email confirmation of payment.
It would be nice to have explanations of the charges and credits. I have no idea why some months were only $3.50. I have no idea why we were credited $5 in December 2020. I have no idea why we were being charged $14 a month in 2020 and then a few months ago we started being charged $16 a month. We never see an invoice, but the list shows invoices with numbers.
Simply put, your approach to invoicing is terrible. We find ourselves in a situation where we don't have an invoice that matches the charge you made to our credit card, and our accounting department REALLY doesn't like that. You should issue an invoice every month that matches and details the charge that was made for that month. This is a very simple request that many of your customers would benefit from. Please make this happen.
The billing statements received via email should have an invoice# or account # referenced. This helps our Accounts Payable department invoice for this expense. Please include this in billing invoice statements going forward for easier payments.
Hello, the invoices used to print the billing period on them and now they don't. I would like to see the billing period added back to the invoice. I also think this information should be on the copy that is emailed. Thank you!
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TL; DR: When someone calls support, resolve the issue first, then point them to resources you think should have helped them solve the issue on their own. 


Long version: I spent about an hour today trying to resolve a billing issue. Specifically, I needed an actual invoice to explain the large credit card payment we made because we prepay annually. For some reason, you choose not to generate that automatically, and you just provide the customer a line item recording the payment, with no information about what it's for. To get the invoice I needed, I was required to speak to someone in billing support.

I first called support and went through the AI gatekeeper. The gatekeeper likes to direct customers back to the website to help themselves, but I'd already been on the website- it's how I got the support phone number- so that step wasn't really necessary, from my perspective.


I waited on hold, then spoke to a person who immediately told me to go to the website. I did so, even though I'd already been through those steps, and we reached the same conclusion together: there was no invoice online that provided details. At this point, the phone call was disconnected on your side, so I called back, went through the AI gatekeeper, and sat on hold for 30+ minutes. Fun fact: your AI decided to send me to tech support, not billing support even though I called the number listed on your website as billing support. That meant more time on hold for me as I was transferred. 


While I sat on hold, I resorted to Twitter. The only response I got from Twitter support was directions to go to the website, which didn't work in my case because, again, I needed to request a custom invoice.


After about an hour I finally got a human being who was able to create a custom invoice and send it to me. 


The problem here, from my point of view, is your support model. When you immediately refer people back to the website to help themselves, you aren't actually listening to what the customer is saying. That means you're not really resolving the issue, at least not without creating a lot of unneeded frustration for the customer. 


My suggestion is, when people reach out to support, assume that they've already tried self-help. Listen to them. Resolve the issue. Then, provide self-help resources, if applicable. 


Sometimes things like this get pinned on an individual customer service rep, so I just want to stress- I don't think that's the case here. To me it's a problem with your approach to support. Filtering questions through existing resources makes sense online, but it's not as reasonable offline. 

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