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I must have access to my billing records and your site fails to provide a copy of the past years billing, and no explanation of the current bill. I expect to know what is billed all year and for the future if I decide to keep this service. thanks


Hi @TheresaS712  thank you for reaching out with this feedback. The good news is you can locate copies of your invoice through the “View Billing Activity/Statements” button under the My Account section of your account. This is where you can select the time period you are interested in and view its invoice with details.


pre-payment-invoice-my-account (1).png


print-email-invoice-view-billing (1).png


If you have any further questions on your billing details, for your account security we suggest contacting our Billing Support directly.

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Could you please provide an amount with the invoice you are emailing us monthly?


It is a pain to have to log in, search for the invoice and then the invoice doesn't even have your company name on it.


For my bookeping it would very helpful if you could just send out an invoice vial email WITH and amount being billed on the invoice.





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