More options for security questions

since this will be a nonprofit organization account, used by multiple people, it's difficult to use these kind of questions and have everyone know the answers.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @DebB737


Thanks for the feedback! I am going to bring this to our engineering team. I think that you are not the only organization that would benefit from more options for security questions, so I am going to open this up for voting as well.


Have a great day!

Rob L.

pretty dumb to force a limited set of personal questions on a business. How is one employee supposed to know the answers for another employee?
None of these work for me.

These are a terrible idea for corporate accounts. Nobody should have to divulge personal information that will need to be shared with others that also need to use the account. The only way I see this working for a corporate account is letting the user create the question. Then it could be something corporate/office specific like "Who is the notorious popcorn burner?" or whatever.


I can't modify my security question/answer because the question selection is horrible and does not apply to me. How about some common questions like:

- Favorite band/food/sport

- Best friend's name (not from childhood)


In any case, at this point I can't modify my security profile because none of the questions can have various answers that will depend on when I look at them.

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