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I use Constant Contact weekly for my marketing emails. I am currently trying to fine-tune the reporting data on my emails as best I can. I noticed that there is currently not a good representative option to select as a company descriptor for any horticulture business (I work for a tree nursery). I bring this up because I currently have my business listed as “other”, yet still get data showing how my emails do compared to others in my “industry”. I think that industry comparison data is very valuable, and in order for it to actually be accurate for me, adding an option such as “horticulture” that I could select for my company profile description would be a big help to me down the road. 

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Hi @PeteW. Would selecting the industry of Home and Building Services (which includes landscaping) not fit your needs?

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Not really. We don't do any landscaping ourselves, I was just using that as an example (though sorry I missed that it was mentioned within that option). Other professions in our field that could be included with us that I feel are also excluded currently would be arborists, environmentalists, and any other tree/plant related jobs.

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Hi @PeteW thanks for following up with these examples of industries you would like to see. We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.


Hi All,

I'm new representing Kauai Sea Farms, LLC dba Kauai Sea Farm. I noticed that upon signing up there is no industry classification for Agriculture or more specifically Aquaculture, our industry, so I put Other. How does this classification affect our use of Constant Contact. Also, why isn't Agriculture or Aquaculture listed as a category?

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