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New Business Profile option

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I use Constant Contact weekly for my marketing emails. I am currently trying to fine-tune the reporting data on my emails as best I can. I noticed that there is currently not a good representative option to select as a company descriptor for any horticulture business (I work for a tree nursery). I bring this up because I currently have my business listed as “other”, yet still get data showing how my emails do compared to others in my “industry”. I think that industry comparison data is very valuable, and in order for it to actually be accurate for me, adding an option such as “horticulture” that I could select for my company profile description would be a big help to me down the road. 

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @PeteW. Would selecting the industry of Home and Building Services (which includes landscaping) not fit your needs?


Not really. We don't do any landscaping ourselves, I was just using that as an example (though sorry I missed that it was mentioned within that option). Other professions in our field that could be included with us that I feel are also excluded currently would be arborists, environmentalists, and any other tree/plant related jobs.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @PeteW thanks for following up with these examples of industries you would like to see. We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.