No notification when going up a billing/contact level tier

WARN US when we are trying to do something that will cause our rate to go up. I have never had to deal with someplace that can raise/lower your monthly agreed upon fee without notifying you ahead of time. If this keeps up, we will have to go with another service, even if it means fewer options.


Hi @Duffieer thank you for sharing this feedback! I can understand how important it is to be aware of the charges on your account. Your monthly bill is a combination of the pricing plan you've selected plus the number of active contacts in your account. Have you recently sent to a larger list than normal, or upgraded the Email Plan you are under? Your active contacts increasing or upgrading your Email Plan will are common reasons on why your pricing will automatically increase to a higher billing level.

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Hi Frankie_P. I understand what the common reasons are for billing fluctuations, I am pointing out it is a rather unsavory business practice to not have some sort of notification that an action will result in a higher fee. I have to prepay in 6 month blocks, and it has only been covering 4 months because of rates rising.


The lack of digital communication / account agents is also frustrating. I communicate by email for transparency and historical record. You only provide phone numbers. I prefer when I have someone I can regularly contact about MY account. Why in the world does an EMAIL service not have a customer support EMAIL? 


I will most likely be signing up for another service that skips the canned public answers and will correspond with me directly and have up front consistent billing. So thanks Frankie_P, you helped make my decision easier.

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In the process of updating my contacts I added a large group of contacts and then deleted another group about the same size. In the process of doing that I went above my 500 contacts.... for just a few minutes. That prompted my monthly fee to double! And to make matters worse, I did not know. I understand that if I am holding over 500 contacts in my account, you will need to charge me. But to charge for the few minutes it takes to update a list is sneaky and unnecessary. You could at least stop the upload and say.. you are going to go above 500 contacts if you do this. Are you sure you want to upload? With no warning, it is just poor customer service to charge in that situation. With that said, when I called, the charge was removed. However, that is unnecessary and an unproductive use of my time and yours. I have been very happy with Constant Contact and I find your customer service very helpful. I hope you will correct this situation. Thank you.
Send a warning when account is going to move into a new fee range Our contact count recently went over 500 for the first time, dramatically increasing our charges. I had completely forgotten that 500 was the cutoff for the next fee, and didn't realize that contacts who are not in any email list would count towards that #. It would have been helpful and deeply appreciated to get a warning when I was trying to add the next contact that would send us over that limit. I realize that telling customers that they will be paying more is not really in your company's best interest, but the goodwill it would engender would do a great deal to keep customers using your service. Thanks, Val Schmitt
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You are an email platform so it's either absurdly asinine or selfishly greedy that I can't get an email notification that my account will be or even as been upgraded an my bill will increase. That is unacceptable customer service.

Going from $20 to $25 last month was surprising, and then jumping up again to $45 this month was shocking. Any communication at all explaining what's going on would be great. I'm suddenly looking at a substantial annual investment ($240 up to $540) for monthly newsletters, which means potentially finding a more affordable service (after many many years of membership here.) 

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