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Not happy with change to preview emails

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Not happy with change to preview emails

For some unknown reason (even support had no answer to why), they decided to change how preview emails were sent out. It used to be when you sent a preview email out to multiple addresses, those addresses would be included in the To or Cc. So if one of those people had a comment they could reply all and allow everyone to see it. Now when you send out preview emails to multiple addresses, each address just gets the email but doesn't see the other addresses. So now the person that sends it has to send a preview themselves then forward preview email themselves to other addresses. This is extra work and we do not understand the reason for the change. At least give us an option to check or something.
Preview emails used to list everyone the preview was sent to, but they no longer include that. This was helpful because it let all the recipients know who was working on proofing an email. Is it possible to get this feature back?

Thanks for sharing this feedback! We did make the change to have it look like a blind copy but we're open to ideas for improvment for the future 


I've included your vote on this topic! Thanks!

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Votes

There havent been any additional votes on this topic so this thread is being closed. If you would still like to see a feature added where preview emails show who the email was sent to please let us know!