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I am not the best at designing my own marketing pieces. Anything I get to send to clients has to be approved by compliance officer anyways. The only reason I would not use constant contact for my relationship manager is because there is no library of things in which I could send to clients. I don't want to design my own marketing pieces to send to people and they need to be detailed with financial knowledge and insight that is appropriate for FINRA approval. I know that it say's you would design campaigns in the premium version. I just don't know how it works with my compliance approved pieces. If there was anything that could make it better, it would just be preapproved documents that I could just send to people. I know that is asking a lot but most other relationship managers have that option. That is the only reason I would not chose Constant Contact over a MarketingPro.
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Thanks, @ConorS79. Do you have your approved marketing pieces in HTML or XHTML form? If so, you could send those out though Constant Contact if you wanted to. 

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I have some pieces that I would use. But usually if I am handing something out to clients, from the indiviudal carriers. There is no real simple way to have it upload to my compliance for approval before use though. 

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