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In common with other similar services your billing is based only on the number of Subscribers we send to - and takes no account of how often we send. Our offering is small but we have a lot of followers meaning that I need to send only 1 or 2 emails per month.
Could we have something that reflects this in the billing?

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Is it possible to have a plan that is based on the number of mails we send, instead of the number of contacts we have? Because I really don't have the time to send out more than 1 to 4 newsletters per year, and than the currents plans are so expensive that we are seriously considering finding another platform. Best Regards, Wim
it wrong to bill the back months when we never used the software
I do NOT spam my customers that much. In 7 years I have acquired 3000 contacts but to expect me to pay you $500-800 a year to send a 4th of July email, a Black Friday email, a Christmas email, and MAYBE 2 more is insane. The name "constant contact" is more like you expect people to constant spam. It is not a realistic option, you need a pay-per-email option. Or a 5 email a year option for people like myself.

Hi @ScottB0372 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Does suspending your account during months of no usage help fit your needs? Users can suspend their account for a nominal fee per month. Suspending the account would allow for you to work on your campaigns and manage your contacts though you would not have the option to send emails. You can unsuspend the account from the “My Account” section at any time. In the meantime we have moved your post over to a larger feature request thread on usage based billing packages.


Title says it all! Judy Weiser, 

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