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Pop up ads at the top of the screen.

Pop up ads at the top of the screen.

Please do not bombard me with ads. I pay for the service and want a means to opt out of spam on the website.

Occasional Visitor

Eliminate the pop-ups.  It's like the programmers have to prove they can trick the pop-up blockers.  They're very annoying and no one reads them.

Occasional Contributor

Your pop ups that promote Constant Contact services are annoying enough. And always closing your annoying top banner is driving me crazy.   But now this? What is this? You have popups for credit card offers now?  PLEASE STOP.



Regular Visitor
As a business person this is wasting my time and in my way!
Frequent Visitor
I would like to say that I hated going to the Constant Contact home page and having to deal with a pop up from American Express. It was hard to get rid of and I thought it was totally inappropriate when I am paying to have your service. Really sucked!
TOO MANY POP UPS AND 3rd Party Ads, which are now the lowest are advertising to us from 3rd party sites ?!?!?!??!?! We Did NOT PAY YOU for advertisements and Popups from 3rd party sites. Geez. FInd some integrity.
Honored Contributor

You guys are getting so tacky!!!   Are times getting that bad ?


You're putting 3rd party ads inside our control panels and popups on other areas of your sites?


Its not like we're using free email accounts, we're paying for this software and I really don't want to see ads.



Honored Contributor

I see you moved my post here.  Leave it in your most popular forums, don't hide it here and then conclude that because no one is voting on it that its not important.  


You want us to vote on this?  Seriously. 


You guys really don't have a clue.


How unethical of Constant Contact.  Horrible.





All Star
PLEASE remove the popup window that comes up on the main page of before logging in.
Occasional Contributor

Please remove all pop ups including the top banner.  I spend more time closing all your pop ups than I do creating newsletters.

Occasional Advisor
Please stop hammering us with pop up banners advertising things for Constant Contact or worse yet some credit card offers. Give us a break, we are not paying to be the targets for spam or advertising.