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I have such hit or miss experiences calling in to Constant Contact. Many times the reps are great but sometimes, like today, they are downright rude!!


Anyway, I've been a long time customer and was trying to help another business decide which email marketing service to go with today and we were talking about pricing. I clicked on the pricing page that is on the top navigation: and noticed the "Email Essential" pricing versus the "Email Marketing" pricing. Since we couldn't find a description of what each of those options contained, I called in. The first person I spoke with was helpful... she couldn't quickly find the page to direct me to but she quickly took a sreenshot and emailed it to me.


After reviewing the pricing further, I called back because it looked like our company was overpaying by staying in the Email Marketing category. I spoke with someone in the billing department. She said that you have to reach 10,000+ contacts to be moved into the Email Essential pricing plan. I was trying to be helpful by explaining that the page didn't mention that at all, she had me explain where I was seeing that and became quite rude. 


Two suggestions:

  • Provide a link to a page that explains what comes with each option
  • Clearly say that you need 10,000+ customers to qualify.



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