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2015 renewal = $164.88 2016 renewal = $216.72 Increase = $51.84 Increase = 32% That is one hefty increase in one year.
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I don't appreciate a 25% rate hike with no notice. I'm not sure I'll keep my account open.
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Your cost of service is starting to be come to high. My bill started around 22 dollars and is now at almost 43. While i like your service the cost of what your charging is becoming to much. I WILL search for another program if the cost of your service does go up again.
I have sent two emails querying why I have been upgraded from email Marketing $15 a month to Constant contact Toolkit - Essential $45 a month. Upgrade was not approved nor required.
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I have been on teh phone with customer service because apparently my plan got "upgraded" automatically without my consent.  They say they sent an email in August, which they did because I searched through the spam emails I get from COnstant Contact and found the email they were referring to.  Nowhere does it state the price increase.  You have to click on a link and scroll through to find the new price.  I have requested a credit back for the increase in price.  I suggest all of you do the same.  If I do not get my money back, I am cancelling service and reporting Constant Contact to the better business bureau as well as speaking to my attorney about my potential recourse. 

Did I miss an earlier announcement? For nonprofits with a budget, it would have been great to receive notification of pricing change BEFORE 2017 budgets were approved rather than notification received after the start of the new year and with only 1 month notice.



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This is unacceptable! I made a decision to join for a year based on the prices that you quoted me. To raise the price is unfair and a breach of trust in my opinion. I would expect you to honor the price quoted until my term runs out. If you raise the price in my account, I will find another provider.

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"Starting with your March invoice, your monthly price will increase $5. You will see the price change on your bill over the coming months, depending on your billing cycle." You have now priced yourself out of our budget. We were already exploring other options. You just forced our hand. We will be leaving by the end of the month.
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Voting open ... Am I voting FOR the price increase, or voting to express my disappointment with increase and last minute notification???? Change the title of what I am voting for to "Repeal the Price Increase" and I'll vote for it!