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2015 renewal = $164.88 2016 renewal = $216.72 Increase = $51.84 Increase = 32% That is one hefty increase in one year.
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Hi, I started using your service about 3 years ago. It worked really. There were countless email templates and several great features to add into those emails. I left your service about 6 months ago due to a restructure in our business model. Then, just last week I rejoined your service only to find that you had raised prices while reducing the amount of template options. And, your current template options are generic and totally boring. I also see you have started charging for features that used to be free. Usually with higher prices comes more options and more variety, but I see you guys have done the opposite. Very disappointing and off-putting.
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Totally agree, I pay $1500 per month and I have found just because I have a slightly larger contact base the options are furthe limited.  I cant even list my contact via their email address alphabetically !  I cant search directly for an email address, I have to take more steps to do so.  all very frustrating.  I have also found on rare occasions, that if a contact has an extra space at the end of their name or email address the system will list that person as two different contacts, like wise with an email address has uppper and lower case letters and the second only had all lower case the system may list that person twice. 


Most of my contact lists have only the email address listed, for time and security.  so this is very frustrating that options and features from other service providers are standard, but not available here or there is a charge for them.  coupled with the lack of support on weekends is making CC less attractive and not compeditive with other providers services.


I can basically say ditto to what GoWorldP has said.  We left and came back and found that the few templates available now are boring.  I run an arts nonprofit... what do I need with boring communication?  Not for us.  Also... I'm fairly sure we used to be able to see which customers weren't opening emails.  Now it's a major ordeal.  Of course....they'd be shooting themselves in the foot to help us manage our lists and control costs.  Oh, and cost?  Far too pricey, compared to the competition.  As soon as I can figure out how to export my contacts safely, we're out of here.

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This is the second or third price increase in recent memory. Keep it up and you'll chase me away for good.
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I, too, am a little concerned.  CC still can't resolve the gray screen of death.  The schedule page still doesn't tell the time of day.  The email reports still have a totally useless text field with the date sent. There's still no way to tell what things are in which folder without clicking on each one. Contact management is still cumbersome and clumsy (unless, of course, you have a gazillion dollars and are a SalesForce customer). 

I'm a programmer - these things are not that hard to fix. And yet you want more money from us.


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What? You're raising your prices again? You must be kidding!!! You just raised it to $40 a month two months ago, and now you are raising it $5 AGAIN!!

Here's an idea... don't raise your prices twice in less than 6 months!! What a RIP OFF!!


As soon as i'm done with the season, I'll be leaving you guys.


I love the service, but it's definitely NOT WORTH $45 buck a month.


REALLY Constant Contact? Do you think you have no competitors? Ridiculous!!

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Long time constant contact customer here. Your prices raises were two fold for us recently. I understand the need to raise prices for increased services, or just periodically to stay profitable. That said, it would be minimal to let the customer know this is happening. 


1. Price was raised as we crossed a customer number threshold. This is understandable but it would be easy for you to let us know when this is crossed. We are small and a 50% price increase is substantial to us. 


2. You raised the price of our plan $5/month. Again, we did not recieve any notification of this.


You are a company that sends our millions of emails a day. Is it even a question as to whether you should send an email or two letting people know this. No. This should be standard practice. But instead, you put it on the customer to call and get an explanation. We can't even email you about this and you prohibit discussing billing over chat. What a joke. The fortunate thing is, there are many other companies who do what you do. 



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Move on guys. There are lots of competitors to try out.

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Yeah it has become a joke. Too many other options to not move on.


To Whom It May Concern:


It seems you are increasing your prices more frequently, with little or no benefits to justify said increase.


As a result, I plan to look into comparative services/options if this continues, and will recommend many of my colleagues to do the same. There are more choices now than in years past. It appears that with these frequent price increases, you are gouging the small business, not helping them grow. 


Hot Schatz PR

From: Constant Contact []
Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2017 2:04 PM
To: Schatzi Hageman
Subject: Important Information About Your Account


At Constant Contact, we're committed to bringing you an easy way to create beautiful emails and campaigns that get real results for your business—more people through your door, more phone calls, more sales.

We continually invest in providing you with an online marketing tool that gets you industry-leading deliverability rates, open rates, and customer engagement. And we continue evolving our product to bring you the features, resources, and service you expect and need, both today and tomorrow. Everything from social sharing, mobile-friendly emails, 6,000 new free stock images and more.

Starting with your July invoice, your monthly price will increase $5. You will see the price change on your bill over the coming months, depending on your billing cycle.

We know that for a small business, every dollar counts. That's why we'll work hard to bring you the marketing tools and free, award-winning support and education to get the results you need.

At Constant Contact, our priority is helping your business do more business. We're working hard every day to deliver the products and people you need to succeed.

Questions on the price change? Click here. As always, our free, award-winning customer support team is ready to answer your questions and help you succeed with online marketing. Thank you for choosing Constant Contact.


The Constant Contact Team