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2015 renewal = $164.88 2016 renewal = $216.72 Increase = $51.84 Increase = 32% That is one hefty increase in one year.
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I'm very disappointed about the price increase again.  We just use the basic Constant Contact because we are a very small business that doesn't have time to use all the bells and whistles that you offer.  Please re-consider the price increase for us small business owners.





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  • 2016 ↑ 33%
  • 2017 ↑ 25%

Anual increases at this % level are not acceptable, guess its time to move along.

We have been your cleints since 2006; you will lose us & in the near future many many more.

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Thanks for all this feedback, we know price increases are never welcome. We did send notifications out to let you know ahead of time as we didn't want this to be a surprise. If you didn't get the notification please let me know and I can look into why on an individual basis. 


Please continue to post for our product and development teams to see! 

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Hi Hannah - we're not complaining about the increase per se - or at least I'm not. 

I'm complaining because there are UI / Experience issues that continue to hang out there.  Perhaps those of us who are complaining are small, relatively speaking, and so we use the native CC interface, not using some third-party platform that integrates with CC and handles almost everything outside of CC?  But. . . if CC wants to keep growing in the small business world, the things the small businesses use - like the native CC UI - have to work. I am in a position where I often have to make recommendations on email marketing platforms to small businesses, charitable organizations, and such. I use several different platforms in my own work, and they each have quirks and awkward workflows, so it's a matter of picking and choosing what inconveniences you the least. Being summarily logged out, and not being able to tell when a campaign is scheduled for - well, those factor in to my recommendations.


Hi @LoganF2,

Sorry to read that you didn't get the notification. I did some digging and it looks like you were part of a prior group of price increases when it appears the other people here were part of a group yesterday. A notification email was sent to your email address (the one on your account) on March 29th at 11:35 am. The subject would have read "Price Increase Account News". I don't see that you opened the email but it didn't bounce back either and you've opened account notification emails we've sent to you since then. The increase for your account would take effect this month and is still based on the number of contacts in the account. I'm happy to give more details privately if you would like, please just click my name and then click the gold "Send a Message" button on the right. 


For anyone else who is reading this your account setup may vary and thus your accounts will see pricing changes at different times. Please post if you would like the specifics of your account!

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I just got a $5 increase on my monthly invoice without notification to my knowledge. On top of that, my ability to use the "tag" feature and change various fields (i.e. "home" to "work") is now non-existent. I just called over to speak to someone and was put on hold for a long time. I hope someone will call me to discuss these issues.
This is the second price hike in as many years. We'll be transitioning to Mail Chimp. As well, we'll be taking several accounts we manage to Mail Chimp. This is not how you retain customers. I'm saddened after so many years to have to make this change.
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To Whom It May Concern, If Constant Contact goes through with this increase on us, there is no way we can absorb the additional charges. We would be forced to move to another Email Campaign Company Rob Lasorsa Current Screen Name: RobL58674 (760) 779-9148 or (330) 701-3784 Current Plan Email Plus Contacts 50,001 - 75,000 Your Subscription Add Ons You have no add-ons Compare and Upgrade Estimated Monthly Bill $335.75
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In June I got charged $30 more for my list of 15.000-25.000 contacts, I don't see any justification nor any notification for this... Am I to guess if this was indeed a price increase or just a mere mistake????

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Price has went from 30.00 a month to 48 in 5 years.................... I would think this increase in a competive world will make us want to change.  I was also shocked that when I started I was told if you don't use that month you get charged (months I didn't do a newsletter ) which was about 8 months in 5 that I am still being charged............................................ I am looking elsewhere.