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Hello, We continue to have problems receiving any notice about invoices from Constant Contact leaving us with past due totals and system shutdowns. Is there no way that we can receive an update when a new invoice has been generated? Thanks

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Hello @nscareers,


Thank you for submitting this feedback. I understand the frustration, however unfortunately at this time the invoices are not automatically sent, you will have to generate them within the account manually.


I've gone ahead and opened this post for voting and passed the feedback along.

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It would be a good addition to your otherwise good customer service to send an email reminder if an account is going to be disabled. I just spent the last 45 minutes trying figure this out and all for $58.
Why do I not receive invoices automatically. It only sends me invoice if I log in and prompt it to send me the billing details. This section implies from my setting I will get automatic e-mails sent to my email account.

Hello, it would be helpful if the automatic payment receipts would show the invoice number for the invoice that is being paid.

Also, if the invoice & receipt was attached to the automatic email in a PDF format for easier reporting or even if when I login I can access a PDF.


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