The page is frozen

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I wanted to start using the program but the page is frozen
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I just signed up to try and the site is FROZEN?  really?

NOTHING AT ALL NO LINKS WILL OPEN IM STUCK STARING AT BLANK WHITE PAGE with the sidebar for home.reporting. contacts BUT NOTHING WILL OPEN! even if I log out an log back in same thing PLEASE SOMEONE FIX THIS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Call their hotline for a quicker response.
Old is much better
i cannot stay on the site for more than two minutes before it freezes up.

HI @DianeD995@broadfutures@JimM4533, and @nateT99

I am very sorry to hear this is happening, we know this can be extremely frustrating when you are trying to work. We are investigating this more but need your help! If possible, please help with the following information.


1. What browser/version are you working in?

2. Does this white screen show as soon as you login or when you take a specific action?

3. Do you see any error messages, the blue toolbar on the left or anything on the page?


If possible, please include a screenshot in your reply. If you are willing to help us more please email the team with your contact information and best time to reach you and we will rgive you a call.



Status changed to: Open Questions
Status changed to: Closed - No Action

It appears as if this is resolved so I am going to close this thread. If you are still having any trouble loading the email or your account please let us know.

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