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Timing out too soon

Timing out too soon

I leave Constant Contact up all day, which makes it easier to work on my newsletter. But I find CC times out too soon, which is really frustrating. Is there a setting I can use so CC doesn't time out so quickly?
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I was typing - actually typing and it not only cut me off - asked for less than a second if I was still working and then shut down with some stupid ad from contact contact!!! There was nothing for me to click on to get in contact for support so this is my only option. I am NOT happy. NOW I have to retype at least half a page of text. I am really irritated. You are supposed to be supporting my time efficiency - not cutting me off!
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Thanks for posting! I am sorry to hear this happening-- it should not be popping up while your working! Can you help with some details?


- What screen are you on when this happens?

- What action are you taking in the account when this happens?

- What browsers are you working in?




For some reason, CC no longer allows me to copy text from word and past to my template. In turn, 2/3rds of the way through retyping a critical document, a CC pop up asked if I was still working. When I clicked yes, the screen reverted to the template page and my work was lost. Good bye Constant Contact. An ink well and seagull feather makes better use of my time...Useless.
I've lost count of how many times your automatic logout feature has abruptly interrupted what I was doing, then mistook a keyboard entry I was making at that exact moment to mean that I wanted to logout. I have lost hours of work as I was finishing up a long section of an email, only to lose it when I was logged out in a split second. FIX THIS LOGOUT PROBLEM OR I'LL MOVE TO ANOTHER EMAIL SERVICE!!!
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I have this too!   It has done this twice this evening.   The first time I know I pressed 'no I'm still working" and it cut me off immediately, the last 5 mins was lost.   The second time, I was wondering what to do for a couple of seconds and without any response from me, it cut me off immediately even through the message said 14 seconds or minutes, I couldn't remember.


Sooo frustrating!  

I want to stop the messag from coming up or extend the time out.




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Me too.


This is obviously a problem, there are numerous people affected by it.   


Your responses are doing nothing to help this.



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The log-me-out function has become way too aggressive. The last two days, I have been actively working on my newsletter when I get notices asking me if I'm still working--and saying that I'll be logged out within 15 minutes.

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The new automatic security log off is unbelievably frustrating! I was working on my newsletter when it came on and I couldn't save what I was working on or click on the "I'm still working" option. All I could do was wait for it to count down and log me off. This happened several times so I lost a lot of time. Is there a way around this? I tried everything I could think of to get out of that frozen zone.


I'll be in the middle of working on an email and the security logout screen will pop up. I don't know why this happens when I'm actively working on an email, and today when it happened the screen basically blacked out and I couldn't click anything. 


Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 10.11.37 AM.png

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This new feature of automatically being logged out every so often is incredibly disruptive. Several times now, in the middle of typing or editing content, I've been logged out and lost the work at hand because it wasn't saved. It should only automatically log you out if the program is IDLE, not while you are working. Please fix this.