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Timing out too soon

Timing out too soon

I leave Constant Contact up all day, which makes it easier to work on my newsletter. But I find CC times out too soon, which is really frustrating. Is there a setting I can use so CC doesn't time out so quickly?
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That has happened to me as well.


I've also been working, looked away for--literally--a second, and bam, it's the "Are you still there?, 15:00 countdown" screen.


Very puzzling, and alarming when you're in the middle of editing an email.

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This problem is NOT FIXED! Gray box still appears (in Chrome) in the middle of typing. I'm forced to log out and lose whatever I was typing. I get the "Are you still there?" multiple times while actively working on my email. Yes, Constant Contact I'M STILL HERE-- and getting very frustrated at having to re-do everything!


Same gray screen issue here, using latest Chrome on a Mac. I called CC support and they admit it is a problem and they are "working on it." I wonder how many more years it will take. I'm at the point where I'm researching the cleanest way to migrate all my lists to MailChimp. I've tested MC for a while and simply don't get these types of problems.

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I was working on a newsletter and a message came on the screen and asked if I was still working. I clearly was typing and saving my work so I don't understand why the message came on my screen. Also, when I said I was still there by selecting that option, I still was logged off even though I had not chosen that option and I lost some of my work. So frustrating!!
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This problem has been open for four months.  It can't be a difficult issue to solve.  For example, they could change the timeout to 999 hours.  So, it's clear to me that Constant Contact does not care about this issue and the problems it's causing for us.  I will assume that no one is working on fixing the problem and it's up to me to ensure that posts are saved frequently to avoid loss of work.

Same issue. This just happened while I was actively making edits to an email. Using Chrome on a Mac OS.

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Today (5/24/17), CC would not load in Firefox.  I've seen this on other sites (the reluctance to load in Firefox).  Or maybe it's that FF is reluctant to load CC? Anyway, I switched over to Chrome, which has not been my browser of choice for CC for a number of reasons.  But since needs must, I at least had hopes that maybe by being in a different browser, I wouldn't get timed out.  Nope, here I am happily working away, saving after almost every change, and I get the gray screen of death *while I am typing in edit mode*.  Ah, another day, another gray screen of death.  


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CC--you really need to fix this soon or you're going to lose us and probably a lot of other customers. I've been patient, but it's getting ridiculous that this keeps happening. Happened again to me last night.

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Please fix the "log out due to inactivity" feature! While I am editing email campaigns, the log out feature continually interrupts me, even if I am literally typing inside a text box -- thereby being active, not inactive. Often the whole screen goes gray once the log out message appears, therefore I cannot dismiss the notice and continue working because the screen is locked out. Please disable the log out during email editing, or at least fix it so it doesn't try to log you out while you are actively editing & typing!

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Agree. We are ready to cancel our subscription due to this! As you said, when I am actively working in my documents, the screen pops up and sometimes I cannot dismiss it/click on it, and am forced to re-fresh my browser and lose my work.