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Timing out too soon

Timing out too soon

I leave Constant Contact up all day, which makes it easier to work on my newsletter. But I find CC times out too soon, which is really frustrating. Is there a setting I can use so CC doesn't time out so quickly?
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Hi All,


I wanted to provide a quick update on this and most importantly thank you all for your feedback on the issue.


Our team's have been working dilligently to identify the root cause, and we believe a fix will be released for this in Early June. I will be sure to update this thread with more information as the release date approaches.


Thank you all for your continued patience as we work to improve your editing experience.

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Twice today as I have been creating my email, the security screen has come up to ask if I am still working -- except the screen is grayed out and I can't click "Still Working" or anything for that matter. The clock is counting down, but the option buttons are not live! Which means I have had to refresh the page and lose any work I had done inside a block that was open at the time. NOT HELPFUL!
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Thank you for the feedback @KimF96,

I know this is a very frustrating issue-- and I'm really sorry to hear you lost your work.  We have identified a few things that are causing this error to happen and are working to fix them.  If this problem continues to happen to you, please continue to let us know. 

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CC programming team: Your auto log-out feature has become so aggressive as to be a real productivity issue. It often blocks out a screen and counts down until log-out, but what it's blocking is an active window that is *at that moment* being legitimately edited, content added, or drafts shared. The workaround seems to be to refresh the window, taking the user to a newer version of the current document. The active version being edited will have been saved, but since the user isn't anticipating being locked out, some work can be lost up until the last save point. TL;DR: If I'm active in my draft, please stop locking me out *even as I'm working* with an inactivity timer, it's extremely frustrating.
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I was in the middle of typing my newsletter and your "are you still working" popped up and was greyed out. It would not let me hit any of the options like "yes I am still working". I just lost my entire newsletter and I am NOT happy!

This is a complaint. I find working with Constant Contact painful at this time. And I'm a long time customer.

Your system prompts me many times while I'm trying to work. How come the system can't  determine that I'm working? I get 4 our 5 prompts WHILE I'm typing or editing. It's incredibly frustrating! 


And then, when I click the "I'm Still Working" button on the 4th or 5th time, the screen goes black. I have no control over the program and I must completely exit it and log back in. As if that's not pain enough, I lose my work with no warning. 


I have waited too long to write you as this has been going on for quite some time. I'm seriously thinking of going with another program as it has ruined my great experience with Constant Contact. I apologize for not speaking up sooner. 


In summary, your product prompts me many times to ask if I'm still working WHILE I'm still working, actually typing. And then finally, the program grays out with no ability to save or remedy the situation.


I sure hope you can fix this soon. 


DeborahConstantContact Black Screen.jpgScreen goes black after several prompts like this. Must exit program, restart, and log back in.

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June 4th and here we go again with the timeout and no way to get back to my work without losing something.


Pleast just get rid of the timeout completely until you've got it fixed!  Or set it not to appear for a lot longer time. Enough already.


I'm also here to log my disappoint in the timeout feature. It's been month after month of the same problem, with hours of lost work. Please disable the feature until you fix it!

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Yes, Constant Contact I'm still here! Sometimes it takes me hours to complete an email. I haven't gone away. I have forgotten. Sometimes I haven't even stopped typing. PLEASE DON'T LOG ME OUT! 

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Here's a funny for all of us on this thread.  We also have an account with another email marketing provider - helps us keep our lists separate, and they are much cheaper (and clunkier).  Today, I walked away from working on an email on the other provider's site.  I was gone longer than I expected, and when I came back, I had been logged off - and it didn't save what I had done!!!! 
Here's another funny - last week I got a badge from this Constant Contact Community. I have earned the All Start Badge for 2010!!!  Just think how much I could have advanced my career if I had known this w-a-y back in, say, 2011 or so.  (tried to insert emoticon here from the menu above, and it didn't work)