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Timing out too soon

Timing out too soon

I leave Constant Contact up all day, which makes it easier to work on my newsletter. But I find CC times out too soon, which is really frustrating. Is there a setting I can use so CC doesn't time out so quickly?
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Mine is doing the same thing! Started doing this a week ago. Here is a photo. I can't click on it or anything. I have to let it run out and hope that it saves automatically before I can log back in. AWFUL!!


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 2.31.38 PM.png

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I've had the same issue as SESA above- while working it came up with an automatic logout screen and then froze so I couldn't choose "I'm still working"

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Hi, For the last few weeks there has been a bug in the CC software. Whilst I am busy creating and editing a campaign, I often get a time-out message from the CC software saying that it looks like I have left, and it starts the 15 minute count down timer to log off. This should not be happening, because I am busy working, editing the campaign, and saving, then editing and saving, repeatedly. This is very annoying. And i would love to send this feedback direct to the CC developers, but I cannot find a link to do that (that is also very annoying - another company that actively discourages direct feedback). Regards Robert Brain
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I was right in the middle of typing an article when the message popped up asking me if I was still working and before i could do anything it logged me off!
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Just got the same locked, grayed-out screen displayed above; first time I've had that particular manifestation of this bug. 
And while we're at it, even though adding a twist to the issue isn't exactly correct - when you click on help from a logged-in instance, it asks you to log in.  So you log in, and it takes you to your campaign home page.  So you click on the help again, and it asks you to log in again. So you log in and it takes you to your campaign home page. And. . . .

Finally got here by NOT logging in and just clicking on the "find answers in the community" link.



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I wanted to share a frustrating experience I've been having recently with Email Campaigns.  While actually typing in an email newsletter, the system sometimes gives me a message asking if I'm still working and saying it's going to log me out. It obviously can't tell I'm actually typing in that email at the moment!  Even worse, lately when it starts to time me out and do the count down of 8 minutes to log out, the screen goes mostly dark and it will not recognize if I try to click on the "I'm still working" box.  So I panic, worried that I'm going to lose my work.  I usually do end up losing something that I've just edited, but usually not too much thanks to the auto save feature.  But the frustration and down time are getting to me.  I've been using Constant Contact for a good 8 years or so now on a weekly basis and this has only started happening recently. 

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Thanks for letting us know @KathyP708.


Is this something that occurs often and across all internet browsers that you use, or does it seem to only happen at specific times/in specific browsers?

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Same as others.  I will be working, and for a moment I go to another application -- or sometimes even when I don't go away.  A darkened screen says, "For security, we will log you out in 14:59 seconds" etc -- but everything is greyed out and you can't click on anything.  So you have to refresh the whole window and pray you've not lost your work.  This happens at some point in EVERY editing session now.


And while I was even typing this, something jumped up and took me away to a survey.  Jeez louise, get out of my face and let me talk for a minute!

constant contact.jpg

The pop-up itself is just annoying but, since a recent edit, it actually grays out my screen. Now, I can't click 'I'm still working' (that's why I, 9 times out of 10, was actually typing in the program - but that's a totally different problem, I guess). I just have to exit and lose all my changes. 


It's really unacceptable for a service we're paying for. Just save my work and log me out if you really think someone's gonna come along and steal data from my newsletter.

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Hey Everyone,

We understand how painful this experience can be. Just wanted to let everyone know, we are currently working on resolving this and will update you soon once the fix has been released.