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Timing out too soon

Timing out too soon

I leave Constant Contact up all day, which makes it easier to work on my newsletter. But I find CC times out too soon, which is really frustrating. Is there a setting I can use so CC doesn't time out so quickly?
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Please consider an option to extend log on time before timing out & logging off.


I work with multiple windows open -- so I can compare different emails & landing pages, and copy and paste between them.


Some open windows logoff. And logoff happens when I leave my computer for a little while.


I usually work for at least a couple of hours at a time, and the logging off is driving me nuts, not to mention wasting my time re-logging in.



This is an ongoing problem for me as well. I will be in the middle of typing something and the "Are you still working?" window pops up over what I'm doing. Please do something to keep it from timing out so quickly.

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