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Pricing should be transparent. I put in my current number of contacts and that is all that pricing will show. I want to know how much non-profit pricing is before I send you my files. I also want to know when my costs will increase. looks like great product but too difficult to determine cost so not interested.
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Hi @BarbaraA460 we're sorry to hear you feel this way about our pricing! Where in your account are you looking for your potential pricing? Users in a trial account like yourself have the ability to see their pricing levels by placing your mouse over the name in the upper-right > Plans & Pricing > View pricing.




This will give you a slider option below to see the pricing for your desired level of contacts. Does this pricing scale fit your needs? If you have any further questions on your pricing or even the non-profit discount or process, please contact our Billing Support directly. One of these agents would be happy to take a closer look!

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