Use Email As An Option for Multi-Factor Authentication

No email option for MFA? Those without a direct phone number / smart phone will have to use another mail service.

Status changed to: Voting Open

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I am really frustrated that we cannot use an email for MFA because we do not want personal phones attached to our Account Owner.
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i absolutely HATE that your company is now FORCING US to give our text. Its more work and it invades my privacy. WHO IS YOUR COMPANY SELLING OUR PHONE NUMBERS TO? Why couldnt you make it possible for us to at least use email options? Likely because you WANT OUR PRIVATE PHONE NUMBERS! Instead of invading our privacy, you should improve the quality of your SLOW platform. YOur tech people SUCK because your platform is so freaking SLOW. AS SOON as I have time , I WILL BE LEAVING your company. PRIVACY INVASION? Now even my VA needs to call me to get the access code. YOU only made it harder on us and invaded our privacy and took away more freedom. Idiots.
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