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Want users to have different permissions

Want users to have different permissions

Great job in enabling multiple user to access our accounts. I would like to suggest another way to improve the upcoming system.


Grant Levels of Access - As of right now anyone has an account can basically access everything.


May I suggest creating a tiered access level or something in that area. For example, our Marketing Department only wants to see reports. I don't want for them to have to be able to have access to manipulate layouts and designs we have in draft mode or modify our contact list.


Google Analytics have the abitility for people to grant access to Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate and Read and Analyze.


Something like this would definitely enhance your system.


It would really help to be able to assign specific Contact Lists to certain users... In other words, if we have a Marketing list, a Membership list, and a special events list, I'd like to allow certain users to access (send to) only their specific list(s).

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I would like to be able to control the contact lists one can use and the draft emails one can edit.

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Multi Users are a good idea, but there needs to be a way to control what each user has access to. Maybe something as simple as each user can only access their own emails.
Please add permissions so certain users can only edit/build the templates and cannot send the actual email blast. Thanks!
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I need to know how to set permissions to different users, I find out how to open new user accounts but I can't find where set the roles and limitantions, please let me know.
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Wondering if user A can only see contact list 1, 2, 3 and 4 while user B logs in and can only see contact list 5, 6, 7, and 8 This way user A can never send to a list that doesnt relate to him.. This would be a good feature to add...
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If there was a way to limit which contacts a user can see, our use of Constant Contact would grow exponentially. Our organization is like many others that use deputized fund raisers or fund raising professionals who work with portfolios. All contacts "belong" to the organization, but they are managed by individuals with portfolios of contacts.
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You really need to work this. I should be able to control deletes of emails . If I have other users I don't wan them to delete any thing.
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I've seen several comments regarding control within email marketing, but I'd love to see the ability to segment off our Event Spot from email marketing. We are a non-profit organization that hosts trainings at rotating locations based on members hosting the training. So I would like to be able to allow representatives from the host agency to access and manage the event they are hosting, but not others. I'd like them to be able to email event attendees but not the general email marketing lists. 

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Users I add to my account need to only have access to products I specify not ALL products and have the option to not let them modify or edit contacts only the ability to select lists for the products they have access to. Ideal to also limit which lists they can see and use for a given product. For example might not want them to have access to the full list of all clients but ok to give them access to a monthly list.