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Want users to have different permissions

Great job in enabling multiple user to access our accounts. I would like to suggest another way to improve the upcoming system.


Grant Levels of Access - As of right now anyone has an account can basically access everything.


May I suggest creating a tiered access level or something in that area. For example, our Marketing Department only wants to see reports. I don't want for them to have to be able to have access to manipulate layouts and designs we have in draft mode or modify our contact list.


Google Analytics have the abitility for people to grant access to Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate and Read and Analyze.


Something like this would definitely enhance your system.


Yes, this is exactly the type of feature I would like to see as well! Also to allow for certain restrictions for each user, ie/ an admin can do anything, but another type of user has read only access or can download names, but not delete anything.



I also would like my own access to the database, as there is only one return email address for our organization, and I am performing a different function.  I need to message 1000 people, and don't want them to think I am the other person whose email is listed on the message...



Simon in Hawaii


I'm on the list for updates on the multi-user feature - would love to  know the status of this.  Would like to be able to share the load as it were without giving up the administrator function to keep payment info, etc. confidential, so really really need the multi-user feature.




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I would like to see that feature as well



This is a long overdue feature and it is great to see. However, it is under developed right now. I really need to give my PA access to write and send email newsletters but I don't necessarily want them to be able to touch the email contact data. Is it possible to expand this feature so we can limit access to certain areas or features but enable assistants to help in others?. 


Don't get me wrong, this is awesome and its really really needed... I just think it is half baked - shove it back into the oven for a while longer. Consider what users really need out of this in social media management terms and in being able to get help with their marketing efforts without handing over all the control and you'll be where we (the users) need  the service to be. 

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Great feature and long overdue.  I've been waiting for this feature for some time, and have considered switching to an alternate email provider that has multiple account log-in capability, so I'm pleased that you're headed in this direction.  One of my concerns is that I don't want the secondary account users to have access to the email distribution list, to download or view, and unfortunately, it isn't possible to set account privileges on a per user basis.  Ideally we can set a user that has design option only, a second one that can send only, a third that can manage events only, and one that can do all everything. Our company's marketing tasks have been split this way, and unfortunately the way you've set this up doesn't really satisfy our requirement.  Hopefully you're going to continue development to allow for the above.




Jeff Wiener, Digitcom Canada Inc.,


Adding multiple users to our account - Long overdue!

Thanks for adding this feature. Looks good so far. I like the idea of assigning security levels into the users.



This is new "multi-user" feature is way overdue!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Now...I is new but please consider granting levels of access and more than one administrator.


Great start!  Please add different access levels. For example, a level that does not allow deletion of contacts would be great!

Also, the ability to have one's own emails show up first would be good.  The folders already work fairly well for this, but it would be great to have a button to just see the emails a particular user has created.  Of course, it should be tracking which user created which email/survey/event.


Great idea.  I like the additional idea of levels of access.

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Without the added features like setting permissions, I really don't see what this does that having one username and password for everyone who uses it will accomplish.


Will each person have their own area to keep their own emails? That might be useful, but here at our school, it would still be good for all of the emails to be saved in one general location that is accessible by everyone.


Looking forward to hearing what others think.


Add a way to track what each user is doing.  Assign email campaigns, events, contacts added, etc... to a particular user.



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This feature would be useful to me if each user could choose to see only the emails that they have created or see all the emails. I share the account with another staff member. We create separate emails and don't usually need to see the other person's work.
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So far so good!  User levels would be great - different access for different departments, positions, etc.

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Good idea!

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I agree. Levels of access would be an amazing addition. I would love to delegate out some of our side projects using the new multi-user feature, but still won't be able to use it that way yet because they'd have access to all of the templates and drafts, and things could get accidentally deleted, changed, or copied over. Maybe access per email folder, or creating separate templates so they can use/copy a template but not edit them.


As it is, this feature is a great start, but isn't helpful in its current form. The billing information is not the sensitive part--our emails and templates are.


Great feature but needs to have levels or permission options. Or perhaps I am missing it?  Example: I may not want them to add features that increase my costs to use CC.  Also, I don't know what they can see or can't see, like billing info, etc.

But this is a great start!

Solution Provider

I am happy to hear that we can add users but I need to have tiered access.  Without it I may just as well give my employees my user name and password.  As I have stated in previous requests, I need to be able to set users based on level of access.  Here are just some of the possible tiers: An "Administrator" who can do everything. A composer who can create but cannot send or touch the contact files.  A proofer who can proof and make comments but cannot create or send, a Data manager who can manipulate data but cannot create and email. A super user who can do everything except add or change users.


Until this type of functionality is in place, I don't see us using it much.


Please keep trying.  This is an important feature which is really needed if we are going to grow this service.




Levels would be great and perhaps a New User Notification email asking them to activate and set their own password. Then just a "reset password" button for the Administrator.

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It's been a very long time coming and quite a disappointment. We have been getting along for a long time sharing the same user login. This will be better, but I don't understand not including multiple access levels, assignment of unique campaigns to unique user logins, etc. 

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As the others have said, good start.  This absolutely needs different levels of authorization.   I don't want my designers messing with the contact lists, nor do I want them to be able to send anything.  In it's current state, the multi user function is useless to me.

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This is a good feature in concept and adding tiers as suggested above will allow more control over the account and contents.


It's a good start, but we really need access controls for which contacts can be viewed and which lists can be emailed to by the specific user.


What I was hoping we would be able to do is create a user like "marketing" or "support" and then setup a rule so that "marketing" could only view contacts and send emails associated with a specific set of lists (i.e. lists like MarketingList1, MarketingList2, MarketingList3, etc.).


Likewise, if we setup "support," that user would only be able to send out emails to contacts and lists that were specifically authorized to that user (i.e. SupportList1, SupportList2, SupportList3, etc.).


It would also be nice to have some rules related to Contact Management features and Mail To List features.  Something like:


Can send to: All Contacts

Can send to: Contacts in Associated Lists only


Add Contacts (Yes/No)

Add Contacts to Associated Lists only


Modify Contacts

Modify Contacts in Associated Lists only


Delete Contacts

Delete Contacts in Associated Lists only


I agree with what others have posted. This is a great start! But I am not really worried about others changing our account or billing (that seems to be the only thing that a sub-user cannot access). I am more concerned with controlling the access different staff members have to contact lists and email templates.


What would be REALLY excellent would be to have the ability for users to submit their email to an admin for approval before it is sent. 


Thanks for this step though, it is nice!


I love the multiuser and I agree with most of the ideas already listed. Tracking users is low on the list of priorities for me.


I do like the idea of having levels for access. Like some of the others, I too am concerned about contacts and templates getting deleted. If the manager or a selected user are the only ones that are allowed to delete anything from our account that would be great.


Thank you for the upgrade, I look forward to the next one.


You guys ROCK!




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I have to agree with the previous statements. Its a great starting point, but it could be a lot more useful.


Having the ability to set permission levels would be great. I have multiple departments that author emails, but would not want to grant them ability to see final reports or to send out the email. I believe having the ability to limit access is an important feature.


Another idea would be a task item. If someone could fill out an email and then "task" or send a reminder to me for proofing it and sending it, it would be a great feature to have.


I also did not see an area where that user can go in and only change their password. I have setup all the accounts with a generic password, but they should only have ability to see their account.


Thanks for the good start.   




1) Would really like to see some permissions (who can send mail, who can create mail, who can add/remove contacts, who can edit account settings (footer, opt-in, forms, etc).


2) I think that the "Company" name should appear in the header somewhere, so that when a user is logged in, they know th anem of the master account


3) You shoul dbe able to remove a user if that user has never logged in.


4) I would like to see some FAQ regarding the API user, which account shoud I use for that?


5) In the header, there is text that reads "welcome, <first name>", which is showing the account first name, not the local user who has logged in.


6) And yes, as others have suggested, to konw who did what when will help in the event of a breach of data, or "send" of an unapproved email.


Great start though!



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I was looking forward as well to the multi-user feature but think it could be improved by tracking activity and permissions by user (as some have already commented).  For our organization, it would also be helpful for each user's emails/surveys etc. to be listed under their user instead of under the main account.  It is easier to keep track of who is sending what that way.  

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Great start.


What is needed is a way to select:


(1) email lists the new users have access to, and


(2) limitations on the number of emails that can be sent by each user for each list.


Thank you!

So, I guess I'm a little confused about exactly what this feature accomplishes.  Does using the Multi-User feature eliminate the issues that used to happen when two people were logged into the same account at the same time?  For example, one person saves changes to an e-mail while someone else is also logged in.  Their changes get overrided unknowingly by the other user.  Does the feature prevent this from happening now?


At our company, I manage our Communications department which handles all e-mail marketing for all of our clients.  We have specific employees assigned to create e-mails for certain clients, but there are times when someone is on vacation or out that a different team member has to handle changes to another employee's account.


What would really be awesome is if each one of our employees could be assigned ONE username and password that would give them access to ALL of the accounts we manage for all of our clients.  This multi-user feature doesn't really solve anything for us, because each one of our Team Members would still need to have 15 different logins.  What we really need is a solution similar to what's in the Business Partner Console that would allow me to create one login per employee and then grant them access to specific accounts.

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Hi John,

Great feedback, thanks for taking the time to provide so much detail! More specific permissions are coming in the future. Although I can't promise an exact time-frame we realize the importance of this control from the admin side.


The company name is an interesting idea, do you have a specific situation where the sub-user would need this information? You can deactivate any users that are no longer needing the account.


As far as the API, we don't have a specific FAQ yet but the only user who will have access to set up an API is the Account Owner. When an account user logs in it should populate the name given when setting up the account, not the name of the account owner. Can you try updating this information from "My Account" and then testing it out for me?


Thanks again for all the detail. Stay tuned for even more updates in the future!


The idea is good and I like seeing the progress, but there are issues with functionality and broken links.  


Broken links are on the page confirming the addition of a new user where it says click here to return to my accounts and the same for the change in password confimation page.


I agree with much of what other users have said re: permission levels, etc.


I'd like to also be able to manage multiple accounts from a single log-in.


I agree with everyone else regarding Roles and Permissions.  That's what I was expecting to see but as it turns out it only limits access to billing and 'buying' products.  I would also like to see limiting access to 'Trial' products .

I'll let my votes speak for the rest. :smileyhappy:

Keep up the good work! This is a great start and if the comments here are implemented it can only get better!

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Hi Tera,

Thanks for posting. I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with the links, can you tell me what page you are on when you click these? As far as the password, after you make an update you should see a link at the top of the page that says "Successfully updated. Click here to return to Account Users", is this the link you are clicking? Thanks for the feedback on more permissions, those are coming in the future!


I agree as well. I would like to control which features users have access to i.e. if i only want them to see content in the survey tab, that should be the only thing they should have access to.

Moreover, I would like to set permissions on which contact lists they would have access to.


Yes, that's the link that didn't work -- FYI -- I'm on a Mac, using Safari (sometimes that makes a difference).


I attempted to add two new users to recreate the page I got the first time, and it just didn't come up.  Once a new user was added, it just took me back to the manage users page (no confirmation message or message about getting back to the My Accounts page).


Thanks for the detail. We aren't able to recreate this on our end in Safari. Do you have another browser you could test this in? If not, can you make sure Safari is optimized for Constant Contact using this FAQ.


Thanks again for your help!

Status changed to: New

Hi Travis,

Thanks for all of your feedback! More permissions are coming in the next couple of months so please continue to share your ideas with us. Great point about the password too, coming soon you will be able to ask the account user to update their password directly.


Thanks again!

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HI Cheryl, Great Idea! Thanks for sharing this with us and please continue to vote or comment on other ideas you like. We're using this feedback to help develop future updates. Stay tuned for more controls in the next few months!

Thank you all for your feedback. We know this is the start to a much-requested feature and have plans to add in more permission options and changes to the way you set up account users. Look for those in the next few months!


Please continue to vote and comment on the ideas you would like to see implemented in the future!

Status changed to: New
Thanks for sharing this idea, Laura!

I have NO desire to enable cookies, pop-ups, etc. and that's all the "optimizing" involves.  If I need something that doesn't work in Constant Contact (that hasn't happened in a while), I use Firefox (and sitll effectively block cookies, etc.)


There should be an access level where they can see and use the contacts, even create a new list from existing contacts (i.e. search for all contacts in Canada and create a Canada list).  But, that level would NOT allow users to delete contacts from the master list.

It would be great if they could add/remove names from their own sub-lists.  Just never the master list.

Occasional Contributor

Now that ther are multiple users, there need to be more ways to collaborate. Could there also be an internal "inbox" which would allow users to collaborate on emails by sending them to each other for proofing/ correcting, etc.? Being able to attach comments as you collaborate would be awesome. I'm thikning Constant Contact with a Google Docs twist. It would also be great to be able to remove edits from other users, or roll back to previous versions. 


Also, a roll out like this would be a lot easier with a "tour" of the new feature and its implications. As much as I hate those little tours Facebook does, they end up being helpful in the end. 


I agree with everything below about needing access levels. Could this be linked to the folder organizational system? Certain users have access to emails in certain folders. This might help users determine the level of access on a finer level. 

Occasional Contributor

Agreed; good starting point. A tiered system is exactly what we need. I have a volunteer, for example, who wants access to Constant Contact so she can send emails to her youth group, but I don't want her having access to anyone ELSE's emails and email addresses. 


I think it would also be nice to be able to set which  other users can access an email we're working on. I've had someone who doesn't usually use Constant Contact wipe out all the work on an email I was creating because THEIR assistant was out and they needed to send an emergency email (and didn't know to COPY an email if she wanted something already formatted).


Occasional Participant

Glad to see the change. We've been waiting and it's definitely a step in the right direction. So appreciated!!!

I agree with many of the other posts about multi-tiered access. We certainly need to be able to protect the integrity of our contact data. Not everyone's colleagues appreciate the importance of years spent building a contact list and keeping the data as current as possible.

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This is an excellent start; good way for us to separate marketing and day-to-day business use.


I agree with levels of permission - that would be perfect.


I would also like to say that some sort of approval system would be ideal, as CraigK70 says:

What would be REALLY excellent would be to have the ability for users to submit their email to an admin for approval before it is sent. 


Thanks CC - you guys do some awesome stuff!


PS - to everyone using this: If you are having an event and need to organize it, with mobile and tablet accessibility, EventSpot is top dog!

Occasional Visitor

I agree with Craig.  Great 1st step.  


I am not really worried about others changing our account or billing (that seems to be the only thing that a sub-user cannot access). I am more concerned with controlling the access different staff members have to contact lists and email templates.


I would like employees to be able to general email, but not access contacts.  Or access contact, but not general email.

Ot like Craig said the ability for users to submit their email to an admin for approval before it is sent. 


I agree nice first step!

Thank you


Hi Tera,

Thanks for clarifying. Does the link work in Firefox when you are working there?


Unfortunately we are not able to replicate this on our end so there is some troubleshooting required to narrow down what's happening. Thanks for your help with this. 

Status changed to: New

HI Elizabeth,

This is great feedback, thanks for sharing. Keep an eye our for continued updates to permissions in the future!