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Want users to have different permissions

Want users to have different permissions

Great job in enabling multiple user to access our accounts. I would like to suggest another way to improve the upcoming system.


Grant Levels of Access - As of right now anyone has an account can basically access everything.


May I suggest creating a tiered access level or something in that area. For example, our Marketing Department only wants to see reports. I don't want for them to have to be able to have access to manipulate layouts and designs we have in draft mode or modify our contact list.


Google Analytics have the abitility for people to grant access to Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate and Read and Analyze.


Something like this would definitely enhance your system.

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Thanks for this feedback, Sherri. We're working on more permissions for the future!
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I'm so happy to see the multiuser function as i have been asking for it for a while.


A basic feature is to allow specific users to compase an email but not actually schedule it. I want my staff to be able to create them - but only have an administrator give the final green light.



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Thanks for sharing this feedback! We're working on developing more permissions for the future and appreciate your ideas.
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It would be great if multi users could only see certain things. I.e., not have access to your contacts.
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Is it possible to give someone the ability to only look at stats? I do not want them to have any other permissions, not able to add remove people from lists.
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Thanks for posting. Unfortunately this is not available right now but this is a great suggestion. We are working on developing more permissions for the future! Would this be a "reviewer" type role? Would you want to allow them to see all reporting but not control anything? Or maybe you will need them to review emails and stats but not make changes? Any detail is appreciated as it helps us determine what will work for the future!
I hoped that another user would be able to see only files, photos, emails, etc. created by that user. Maybe this would be helpful for an intern to not know our regular password, but that is the only benefit I can see.
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Hi Sherry, Thanks for your feedback. This is just the start to Multi User and we're working on developing more permissions for the future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
It would be nice to restrict user access to certain things and be able to track any changes by user. For example restrict scheduling of emails or deleting contacts, etc...
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From the second I heard of the anticipated release of a sub-account feature I was excited. I thought it would be great to allow my subordinates to send emails using only their preset templates and only their email accounts. With the current settings I cannot afford to give others access to the account. The current configuration of the multiuser feature grants sub-accounts access to too many of the features. I wish the master account could grant certain privileges to certain sub-accounts. For example, I do not want sub-accounts to have access to change, update, or view contacts. I would also not want sub-accounts to be able to send emails using mine or anyone else email address. If Constant Contact created a permissions module for this feature it would make it a useful feature for me. Otherwise, I might as well keep my current practice of my subordinates logging in using my master account and hoping they don't make any changes to contacts or templates.