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Want users to have different permissions

Want users to have different permissions

Great job in enabling multiple user to access our accounts. I would like to suggest another way to improve the upcoming system.


Grant Levels of Access - As of right now anyone has an account can basically access everything.


May I suggest creating a tiered access level or something in that area. For example, our Marketing Department only wants to see reports. I don't want for them to have to be able to have access to manipulate layouts and designs we have in draft mode or modify our contact list.


Google Analytics have the abitility for people to grant access to Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate and Read and Analyze.


Something like this would definitely enhance your system.

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I want to add users as an owner of my company. But, I don't want the employee to have access as a manager with the capability of deleting contacts or billing information. As campaign manager they don't have the ability of adding contacts. The roles are too lopsided. Either they have permission or they don't is the way the system is set up now. No middle ground for limiting a employees role. Please fix this. Regards
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If constant contact could at least create a user that was unable to manipulate the contact list would be helpful.  Account managers have too much access we desperately need a level between account manager and campaign creator.



We need more flexibility in defining exactly what the roles allow. I believe "Account Manager" provides too much access while "Campaign Creator" doesn't give enough access. Specifically, I need a role between the two that allows users to also send emails.
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We have been using Constant Contact happily for several years now.  Recently we added some users who are using the account for different purposes in different departments - with different recipients and unrelated purposes.  After speaking with Customer Support and confirming that the capabilities we are interested in do not exist, we have the following suggestions based on our needs:

1) Ability to partition information separately based on which user is logged in, so that a user would not need to view other users' lists or emails/surveys etc.  Would make it less cluttered, and allow for needed confidentiality.  Perhaps Users could be set up separately, without shared information, and if sharing info was desirable, a Permission email could be sent to the global User requesting that access. Could also involve a small fee to enable partitioning - we are a small business of 400 employees, and we would be willing to pay additional for this capability.


2) Ability to change the email address of the user receiving Confirmation that an email has been sent out.  Right now this address is not editable when creating the email, and the confirmation emails default to the organizational contact.   This means that if another user sends out an email, they do not receive confirmation that it has been sent, and would have to log back into Constant Contact to confirm a successful send.  While you can change the From: address and the ReplyTo: address as well as the Early Results: address, you are not able to change the confirmation address.


Hope this is helpful to others, and would love to see these implemented.  Thanks!

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We have multiple users of our CC Account (which works great). What we'd like to have is to be able to restrict certain users to only be able to have update access to specific mailing lists. So, for example, our Sisterhood secretary would only have access to the Sisterhood mailing list, our Men's Club secretary would only have access to the Men's Club mailing list, and our Executive Director would have access to all of our mailing lists.
It would be a good idea if you can have an option to assign creator roles to specific campaigns so they only have access to what you allow them to view. Otherwise they can basically edit or change any document that is already there or possibly even alter something by accident that can be a real problem. Also, put your contact phone number on every page, it is a pain to have to switch pages to find the number to call when you have a problem.

I believe you need an additional user role.  Our volunteer organization holds MANY events that require registration so it would be nice to be able to grant the event-lead access to view registration pages (with no editing privileges so I don't have to teach all 30 people how to use the program) so they can make suggestions before the event goes live and for them to be able to run their own reports (so that they could run registrations reports whenever it is convenient for them).  Because I am a volunteer too, it's a lot for me to keep up with.




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I recommend you allow the full menus available to "Creation Only" accounts without the "sending" options being active.  Instead, when trying to use the send, create a mouse over with a message that this feature is not available to your level of access.  I spend 2 hours last night trying to email a campaign I created only to not be able to email same.