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Want users to have different permissions

Want users to have different permissions

Great job in enabling multiple user to access our accounts. I would like to suggest another way to improve the upcoming system.


Grant Levels of Access - As of right now anyone has an account can basically access everything.


May I suggest creating a tiered access level or something in that area. For example, our Marketing Department only wants to see reports. I don't want for them to have to be able to have access to manipulate layouts and designs we have in draft mode or modify our contact list.


Google Analytics have the abitility for people to grant access to Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate and Read and Analyze.


Something like this would definitely enhance your system.

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How do I limit additional user permissions? i.e. allow to add contacts, but not edit or delete contacts. allow to save campaigns as a new name, NOT edit existing.
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would like to have more control over user roles and permissions. Thanks
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when this will be set up?

HI CuencaCigars

Unfortunately I don't have an exact timeframe to share but this is something we are working on for the near future. We will share more as soon as we can!



It would be good if we could restrict additional users from adding additional email as a contact email for the organization
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I would like to limit there use. Not be able to see account info and other more sensitive stuff. Big item is that they can send to certain lists only. So I would edit what lists. They can add and remove people to tjere lists. Would like abilty to limit them from sending the email. So admin one approves prior to it sending.
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I was very excited about multi user unilt I learned that there are currently no user restrictions. I really would like to see certain users have access to only certain contact lists. PLEASE! Thanks for listening.
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help! I need my PR firm to use this account but I don't want them to be able to pirate my contacts.
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I need to be able to give certain permissions to the users. I want to give some of our employees access, but I don't want them to be able to send out surveys or I want to limit the template they can use, etc.
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If all users can see and change each others' work, what is the point in assigning them separate accounts?