Which user created a campaign

Is there a way to tell which user created a specific campaign?


It would be useful on the multi user feature to have a record of the user in the accout that has logged into and made changes to a invitation or a mailing schedule.This was a great feature that I refferred to in Regonline.

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I like having the multi-user feature, but it would be great if the system would show which user added/removed/etc. contacts Currently, just tagging an add/remove with "Site Owner" is not sufficient. I need to be able to see which member of my staff made the change so if there is a dispute, I know who to talk to.
Hi, Will this multi-user enhancement enable us to see if anyone else is logged in and if so who? Will it lock files that are in use? These two features would be super helpful! Marion
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Is there a plan in the future so if another user logs on and uploads a contact list, that I can see who uploaded the list?  Right now, it just says site owner, no matter who uploads the list.

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I would like to be able to monitor the activity of the new users to my account so I can identify the contacts each of them added to the database.
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Adding additional credentials to log-in is better than nothing, but once logged in, there is no way to organize, identify, or search activity/content by user. You've made new keys to the front door, but it doesn't make any difference once you're inside. The only differentiation is "Account Owner" and everyone else. I was excited for multi-users, but it really has no impact on our content coordinators with such limited functionality.
We use our account for both Church and School, so would like ways to track who updates things and when, who sends out the different messages, etc.
Could there be a way to stamp the user name on items in Constant Contact so I (the administrator) can know who created each email, each email test and each email list? If I find a problem with an email list, and I didn't upload it, I don't know with whom I need to speak in order to fix it. It would be nice to have a tag on each email list stating when it was uploaded and by whom, or updated by whom. Similarly in the emails. It would be nice to know who created an email, who made a copy of a prior email. Likewise, it would be nice to have a user name stamped on the Preview Test emails. Then I can know to whom I should reply with information or questions.
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Our constant contact account has multiple users with one sign on. But we don't always know who is on and who isn't which causes some issues when changes are saved. What if your company developed a way for someone who is signing on to see if someone is using the draft? If the draft is open, a message could be displayed on the email list showing if it is open, even if two people are using the same sign on. - NH

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Hi Everyone,


I work at a small not-for-profit, and everyone wants to be invloved in the emails that are sent out via Constant Contact each week.  We all use the same account so that we can add to various campaigns as needed. The problem is that CC will allow more than one person to open and edit an email at the same time, which causes a whole host of issues. 


Is there any way to prevent more than one person from opening or editing the same email?  ...Or is there a way to alert others that an email is open and currently being edited by someone else?  How do others get around this?


Any feedback is welcomed.





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It would be great to know which account created what emails and when.
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like a way to tell myself which user has made changes
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I like that we can now add additional users to our accounts; however, in our case, more users means more email and event generation. Since we do not all use the same template, the additional users actually cause more challenges: (1) each person's current campaigns are more difficult to find in the now massive list; and (2) those colors we need for each individual campaign are lost when so many people use a variety of colors. This makes re-formatting updated versions of newsletters far more time consuming. If possible, I would love to be able to create separate windows within one account so that each user can view his/her own campaigns with saved templates, distinct from the others.
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Hey suport team of Constant Contact, is this Feature Active or not??


IS there a plan in the near future to add this??

Will be very useful to have a list of actions made by each user in our accounts

Who created what, who schelude when?