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Why can't we delete users?

Why can't we delete users?

This question has been asked for years and years now. When people depart our organization, why can't we delete their account in full instead of just deactivating it? It creates such a mess. What is the difficulty? At least allow the deactivated users to display on a different page, or put them all at the bottom of the list. Something. Anything.
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Thank you for the feedback @LaGuardiaHSPA,


I can see how being unable to delete inactive users can cause it to be cluttered.  Unfortunately right now we don't have that ability to delete them.  This is great feedback, though, and I'm going to open your idea up for voting.  Thanks again!


I agree with the first comment above! I am a business partner managing multiple accounts and accidentally entered a new user in the wrong account - and now I can't delete it. This seems silly. Very frustrating and not the high level of service we expect from Constant Contact. (Also can't believe you've discontinued weekend phone support, but that's another issue.)

I agree that being able to delete users would be most helpful. It seems to be a common topic in the feedback forums -- saw the topic going back to 2013 (didn't look beyond that). With technology as it is today, it's hard to understand why this functionality has not been added.


**bleep**? Its 2019 and we still can't delete users? Bizarre and ridiculous all at once.

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I agree, we will take your advice and apply our process of procedures.

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It's now 2019 and we still cannot do this.  It is just absolutely ridiculous!!

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100% agree with this suggestion. We have been using Constant Contact for 8 years and the number of deactivated users in our user list is ridiculous. Especially since we can't sort or filter them out.

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Constant Contact should know and have the ability to delete deactivated users.  A very simple task.  Is there a reason that Constant Contact wants us to keep the deactivated users?  They have left the company in many of our cases and it is clear that we will not be reactivating them.  Why not just allow us to manage our users?  We are paying for the service.

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You can't delete users because they want to keep billing them to your account even if the addresses are no good.  Nice for them, not for us.  


I've actually had to export my list of users and go to another provider to get them deleted.  Sometimes I will come back to CC, but when I do, it's always with a smaller list.  So you can get around it but it's ridiculous to charge you for it.  


Hi @LizH18. I believe there may be some confusion here. This conversation is about the ability to delete user profiles who can log in to an account. You are referring to bounced addresses but I understand where this may be confusing.


We leave bounces in an account for you to review and it's up to you to decide how you want to manage the bounces, whether it's deleting them or editing the address if it's incorrect or old. We do not delete or remove contacts unless the contact unsubscribes or you delete the contacts yourself.