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you said that we have 60 day trial and thats not true. my account got cancelled the next day without reason and i tried with two emails... twice i got cancelled. i really like the program and i am willing to buy it for my bussiness but i wanted to try it first. you say you have live chat and i cant connect to ask my questions. im going to try another product since i have not been able to try yours as i expected to. also my customers never got the trial email we sent today at 1 pm. i feel mocked..i ahve no patianee for stuff liek this i want to buy a tool like this NOW now i gotta wait until monday.... not good customer service

Hi @First-NameL20429

Sorry to hear this happened, thanks for your feedback. It looks like you need to reach out to the review team here for details on the account and how to continue! 

Status changed to: Closed - No Action


I have given the reques to close the account but we did not get any response from them ..


They just put the account into review and then no response.. 


I have Indian and USA account i wanted to close the USA account but i am tired of chasing them 


Very Poor service .. Please suggest what shall be done

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