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I want to close account since we do not need this anymore. Thanks!
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Hi @JingL30

In order to close the account, you will need to speak with our billing support team. You can find their direct contact information here: .

Thanks for using Constant Contact and have a great day!

-Rob L.


WHAT A SCAM! This is insane... making it easy to get set up... making it totally overwhelming to close... in starting a new business, I cannot possibly consider going through this again if this is the policy.  To sit on the phone in this day in age with all the capability of opening, closing, paying, chatting... why on earth would anyone do this if not to discourage and delay closing for additional payment from the customer... this is NOT customer service, it is piracy... after such good experience with CC... this sours the entire relationship... who does this?????????????? 


Hi @LindaH9190 thank you for sharing your feedback with us! While cancellation requests do go through our Billing Support, I do want clarify our cancellation process has changed since this original post was created. If you are unable to call into our Billing Support, you can request a cancellation through the Help section of the Community. One of our Community Support agents can submit cancellation requests on your behalf.

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