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I am trying to click 'CONTACT US' and the button does not appear to work - ironic? I am cancelling my MBO membership and want to ensure this will also cancel my Constant Contact account - if there are any further details you require for cancellation you can email me or call 778-833-2445
CTCT Employee
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 Hey @KristyW984, thanks for sharing your feedback! Regarding the button not working, that's definitely not an intended experience. As we have a few "Contact Us" buttons on the website, which one were you clicking and do you recall what page you were on? (Contacts, Campaigns, Library, etc). 


As for the cancellation of your account, you would have to speak to our billing team in order to cancel. Their phone number can be found here: Billing - 855-229-5506

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Hi Chris - simply logged in clicked My Account and when my details came up I attempted to then click CONTACT US and nothing happened - also noticed if I was click on the Library and attempted to click Contact Us it didn't show me any options.


CTCT Employee

Hey @KristyW984, thanks for such a quick reply! Would you be able to share what browser you are currently working in as well as the operating system you're using? You can quickly find out by going to