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email bounces

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email bounces

is there a way to add my email address for email bounces? that way i can deal with them right away?
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CTCT Employee
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Hi @MarkG157


Are you trying to have any bounced emails go directly back to your email address? Any bounce messages, such as out-of-office auto-replies will automatically return to the from address that the email is sent from, and there is not a way to change this, but if you want to receive these bounces immediately you can use your email as the from email, or use a second email just for sending Constant Contact emails and have any responses forward to your own email address. However, some bounces do not necessarily include an email response, so I would recommend that you check your account for bounces regularly.


If you have any questions or if there was something else you were trying to do instead, let me know by responding to this message.



Rob L.