i want to cancel and get a refund.

i haven't sent out anything... i just want out. i feel duped by the sales lady, and io want a refund and to have this acccount closed. as you can seei haven't used the service in the 2 days since she convinced me to just shut her up buy buying... i was awake for 3 days working and clearly not in a headspace to be making any kind of decisions, but instead of caring about that, it was all about pushing me to buy.... i just want out and my money back.
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Hi @KGconsults


If you would like to cancel your account, you can contact our billing support team for assistance with that process. Their contact information can be found at https://community.constantcontact.com/contact-support



Rob L.

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please cancel my account and refund me your received 45 usd, and leave free my credit card information, otherwise I will complaint you, my email exporturco@gmail.com

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I’ve been trying to contact support with no success to cancel subscription and get refund. I’ve not been able to use this system in South Africa. Can’t get through to your international line. Very irate and just want out 

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It doesn’t matter where you are ...

 these people re stool **bleep**s ...

 they make it virtually impossible to cancel And they Bill you when you haven’t authorized it.