payment receipts don’t print out properly

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your payment receipts don’t print out properly…they cut off the right hand side, no matter what the orientation of the paper is or if you decrease the size, the only way to print it out and have it all shown is to do a screen shot, please fix.

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Hi @KricketC. When you go to print the payment receipt, is the window displaying the document correctly and then printing incorrectly? 

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They show normal on the email preview screen, then when I select print the print option the print preview does not show the right hand side of the invoice, doesnt matter if i change the zoom on the document or page orientation or if i try to save as .pdf instead, here's an attached screen shot of what i seen in the print preview screen.   the only work around i've found for capturing the whole invoice is to take a screen shot and print that instead which should definitely not be necessary.Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 10.59.23 AM.png


Hi @KricketC. I am not able to replicate the same experience. It looks like this is an automated receipt sent to you. If you go to your account and print your payment using these steps, do you see the same thing happen?

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i'm on a mac if that makes any difference, yes it is the email payment receipt you guys send each month.  there's something about the formating of it that makes it cut off and not print out, no matter the page orientation, zoom level or anything, yet it all shows on the email screen (but not the print preview)

I do not have this issue with ANY other receipts or print outs from anyone else, only yours, so I thought I'd let you know.

The workaround you provided takes WAY more time and clicks and logging in and doing all that should not be required, i should be able to simply print the email receipt monthly for my records.


Your email receipt does not print fully regardless of the use of Portrait or Landscape.  This problem has existed a long time and many other customers have commented.


Please do something to fix this. We deserve a printable receipt without spending precious time signing-in etc.......  Carlessia Hussein  1/5/2021

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